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short story

sex for 6 hours straight.

skipped class and called out.

turned over together half-naked.

sun hit your eye and made it mellow.

i wont talk about me.

i wont talk about this.

what i want from you, i don't know where it'd be.

followed you home.

ran a red light at 9 pm.

snuck into your apartment.

slipped under the covers to get closer to you.

i wont look at it.

i wont look for it.

what i miss from you, i don't know where i'd find it.

if it's not inside you,

it must have always belonged to me.

followed me all the way to the end.

stayed with me in bed when i mourned.

reminded myself nightly that i was sitting on the cusp.

found a little bit of it behind your clothes in the closet.

i won't miss it.

i won't miss this.

what i want from it, i can't get it here.

is it love to keep it from you?



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