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interdisciplinary artist

The First Sun Salutation.png
Featured artist in the Brown State of Mind Exhibition On Work, 2021

My name is Rae Bernadette. I am a non-binary, Filipino-American interdisciplinary artist. I have been actively creating since I was seventeen.


As an artist, I seek to consolidate the gigantic abstracts of existing into tiny poems, comics, or drawings. I often find myself ruminating on how I am performing inside of the world, meaning I worry I am not doing enough to be a good person with a fulfilling life. This rumination shows in my work. You'll find in all my pieces an echo of doubt in the working life, the conventions of romance, and the unending challenge to keep the heart soft.

Other things about me: I love dogs, I yawn a lot, I think I am funnier than I actually am, I wish I could tap dance, and if I could wake up in another profession and be totally happy, I hope I'd wake up as a doctor.

Ways to Reach Me

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