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a series: questions you wish you were asked


questions i wish i were asked:

do you need help?

can you describe the process of grieving alone?

is there something you never got to tell me?...

by myself in a coffee shop,

trying to separate work from home.

hoping to spend those fruits traveling--

painting till death--

but for now, still sowing the seeds.

caretaker: tell me how your heart is.

peacemaker: tell me how you feel.

by myself folding the laundry,

trying to separate independence from love,

hoping to be understood somehow,

instead of being treated like some prodigy.

but for now, still making a home.

proofreader: show me words you cannot find.

impromptu teacher: i can show you the way.

by myself driving home from university,

trying to separate myself from responsibility,

wondering if i left a piece of my life in the computer lab.

wondering if i keep turning the volume knob,

i can reach the upper limit somehow.

wondering whose burden is mine to carry.

wondering if i buried a piece of my mind inside that casket.

wondering what year i am living in.

wondering if the light i just passed was green.

by myself writing a poem

trying to separate prose from meter,

wondering if i am trying too hard to say something simple,

but hoping that i am still being heard.

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