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a series: questions you wish you were asked


i was sitting upon the notion of

"can you remember a thing from each year?"

for at least a few days,

when i was drunk in the car with five friends

and we mused over frank ocean's second studio album.

asked each other: do you know where you were when it dropped?

yes, i was at home but heading out to do homework at starbucks.

we are laughing two hours before sunrise in the east side of las vegas; i feel good.

i wonder if this is coincidence--

the proximity between question and answer--

ruminating on a notion,

then being rewarded.

in seventeen days, the decade ends

(it is december 14th, 2019).

that night, i think in my heart without trying,

giggling at jokes in a too-small altima coupe,

that, yes, i will remember this.

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