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on a single lane road,

i thought: what a beautiful day, what a beautiful day.

i can only see where the sun already shines.

i hear birds chirping--i thought i was singing.

i'm convinced the world spins slowly.

i'm convinced it's all just one beautiful life.

i hold the wrong hands but they still feel awfully warm.

i don't go fifteen miles farther than my house in any direction--my life's not boring.

alone, i feel pure bliss.

i see a pigeon and paint it. no one asks why.

i see a human and draw it. no one asks who.

i sing a song and cry. no one asks how.

i want to share my success with you.

i want to pull you and i from the navy blue depths where we thought we were irretrievable.

i want to be your ladder to the sky.

i want to give you docks in any ocean.

i want to give you more time, more innocence,


a whole half of a heart or a whole. everything.

no rivers dried up and all four seasons.

everything you like,

i like.

we lay on top of each other like beach towels.

i feel a cool breeze on the nape of my neck even though you're under me.

i need that.

what a beautiful day. i could never forget.

such sweet company, yet all by my lonesome.

warmest hands, most navy blues.

i can't think of the rest. i'm too close to home.

what a great road. what a good day.

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