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ode to a bed (or "how i feel about you")

I sat on the sofa

But felt nothing good,


So I sat on the bed.


Your springs were rot and morphed inside.

You were an old twin mattress, worn.


You creaked as I came onto you

And then sunk into the shape of my body.


We stayed that way for a few minutes,

Until I decided to move.

I wanted more comfort on your surface

And you creaked a little more with my movement.


You whine when I change where my body lies

Or the format for which you enclose me.


My feet hang off your shortcomings.

My limbs are too long for you to hold me.

There is not enough room to keep safe.


Ode to a bed,

This is how I feel about you.


When I’m sleepy, I will always come back to you.

When I’m tired and aching, I will crash into you

Sick with fervor and eagerness.


I will stay wrapped up in your fabrics for days

I will never leave you

(Or never want to)

Though I know I should.


I will clothe you in my best garments.

I will decorate you.

I will move you,

I will turn you,


Ode to a bed,

There are so many things wrong with you.


But I will love you most of all.

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