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i wring the ripe nectar of discovery.
i  wring it from the fruit of knowledge.
i bear the sad delight of the current condition,
since although forbidden, there is a rhapsody.

though banished, i finally sing the song of my being,
and harmonious and honey it be.

i see my body,
i feel my veins,
i understand that i am living.
my cascading hair is vanity,
but i love myself and continue singing:


i am existing and curious, i.
living in turns of tumult and of peace.
i used to be dumb; today i am free.
over the barbed wires of faithfulness,  ileave to be me.

i am bleeding out this blood orange sap.
i’ve remained sweet in the bittersweet wrap.
i’ve become something in this massive world.
i’ve become Woman when told to be Girl.


i am so myself,
no longer naive.
i am arresting.
i am adam and i am also eve.

to be with God, i wonder, what’s to be?
to be one with Man, beyond the caging bushel-leaf?
may i never see my breasts again?
may i never become a sheep?

i am Wholesome,
and Free.

i’ve left to become the Apple Tree.

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