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companion flowers

How can nature know it so well,

Before the mind can think it?

Before the eye can see it?

Before the seedling has a chance to blossom?


How can nature know it so well?

It’s a tree in the world where

Blueberries by the pine remain ripening.


It’s a preordained pairing that improves with each iteration.

It’s marigold and roses searching for each other every karmic cycle.

It’s fated symbiosis regardless of size or time,

Space or individuality.


It’s each time another bout of trial and error,

Sharing roots and hoping to cause no harm.

It’s the cosmos effortlessly conducting the harmony with such minute detail.


I say,

That’s love blooming, it’s simple and strong.


That’s fairness and encouragement.

That’s serendipitously interlocking hands whenever the wind sways us right.

That’s peacefully passing when our time is over,

Knowing there will be another next-time-round.


And knowing for this time

I kept you upright alright,

I kept your petals golden,

I let you flourish,

before we begin again.

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