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change (2)


My two cents on change: Last week, I confessed my feelings

And now sit in the car with her, our breaths building condensation

Windows caressed by this year’s first gentle rain

Street lights become captured constellations but I don’t look their way

She says she’s sorry. Time and space. 

We wonder: what if we’d met a year earlier? 

Maybe if we were a ‘95 and ‘96 instead, would we have met at all?

We wonder: when did you begin to feel this way?

When did you start to feel the change shift in your pockets?

To hide your hands’ wish to fiddle fingers, hair

We play over moments shared since last October

Cry because I’m moving to another state

When we meet again, it will be as half strangers

When we hug goodbye, it’s not even long enough

For me to think in my heart: this moment could be forever

That maybe I can hold onto this

Wear it with me, never lose it

Building creases on my copper face

Until 1996 is impressive

When whatever vortex finally flings me back to you

Will you still take pennies then?

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