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The Idea Log

featuring Rae Bernadette

December 9, 2020

PublicUs (Annex Area)

4pm to 7pm.

Free entry and complimentary hors d'oeuvres, beverages, and wine.

Social-distancing and masks required to enter.

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The Idea Log is a single-evening art show that follows themes of stability and turbulence.

The name of the show, The Idea Log, is derived from a log of comic ideas that I started keeping in May 2020. At one point in the year, I was having so many ideas that I was drawing at least one (but as many as five) comics a day. Every comic was a way of coping or processing an instance of stability or turbulence. I still use this log daily to record new ideas for future art pieces.

The Idea Log explores the role that work and productivity play in the personal search for peace and truth. As you view the pieces in the exhibit, I encourage you to think these questions to yourself: Am I working too much? Am I working enough? Should I monetize my hobbies? Is it right for me to create art based on other people? Is it wrong to deny myself the relief of expressing my emotions?

And how important is it to save money?

And how much of my value comes from my ability to remain productive?

And am I settling into a life that is not truthful in exchange for stability?

The Idea Log is an open-entry gallery. It will be hosted at PublicUs (in the annex area) on December 9th at 4-7pm.

For questions or inquiries, please email

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