No More Self-Help Podcasts

Less instructions on how to be happier at work.

More instructions on making work the smallest fraction of your life.

Less instructions on how to bring your favorite coworkers out of the working sphere.

More instructions on how to be brave enough to ask the people you love to spend time with you.

I don't want to be told how to move through life as a happy employee—

What the fuck?

I want to have a life so full that being an employee is the last thing on my list of traits.

No more self-help podcasts on languishing in the office.

Why are all the satisfaction books just chapters about clocking in on time?

What about laying naked and bare with your partner?

What about realizing you just regulated your sympathetic nervous system without your therapist for the first time?

What about a tangerine peel that unsheathes in one go?

(I don't want to write it, but)

I want a chapter book on those things;

And I want to say I love you more freely,

And I want more people to say it back.

Let's give it a try:

I love you.

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