Closer to You

Often, I imagine us reconnecting

At a social event in between our neighborhoods

And you're much healthier than you were,

And I am same as always except even more ready now.

You course towards me through throngs of friends and lovers

With your classic awkward grace

And keenness to show off this new development of

Being better than me, finally.

You have a part of my heart.

It's the most waxing part where all the words live.

And so I vowed to write about us never again

Then wrote about the grapevine, the dove,

The doe, the house, the meals, the trees, the car,

Los Angeles, sexual activities, wetness,


And subliminally, I was writing to you

About how I was getting on without you.

Calling your name a little bit.

Checking if you heard it, meaning you bought the book

And read it,

And I would let that suffice for talking.

You would say

Rae, it's been too long!

Yes, too long; I have been dying to know how you are.

So great! So much has happened.

And then you would tell me…

On a cold inner-city walk towards lunch,

I am trying to get to know you because it matters to me,

But you so easily skate long strides

Past antebellum trees and gimmick horse buggies.

I am winded.

I can't convey myself the way I want to.

Because we know each other, there is so much time.

I protest.

We will get there. It's not going anywhere.

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