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Calendula Petals

Why would you touch me like that if you loved me?

Do calendula petals work in a dark bedroom?

I want sirens in your neighborhood every night you try to have meaningful sex.

I want everyone and no one to read this email.

I want four, five cigarettes in a row

And for you to shut the fuck up when I talk.

I am going to chain smoke you out of existence,


I am going to get aggressive just like you did,



I am going to tell people so I can finally have some peace,




I am going to bitch and bitch and bitch about it until you’re out of my system,





Then, I plan to stop smoking tobacco,

Eat a fuck ton of fruits and veggies,

And sleep with someone real pretty, too,

And I’ll make sure you never hear about it,

You mean fucking woman.

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