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can i? (clinging onto you)

tell me you enjoy me for who i am

with your hands wrapped about my chest.

tell me you need a piece of me or my mind,

and i'll be clinging onto you.

take the notch out my spine when it's hurting.

read everything i write about you.

show me a little bit of what's underneath and you know,

i'll be clinging onto you.

i am mulling it over (last night).

i am thinking about lust and bodies.

i am watching myself in the dark holding your bare shoulders,

and brooding over a little "come here, now"

this is like white knuckle grip kind of clinging

this is like, i have very little composure.

i'm not quick to either, but suppose

you're the person to bring it about.

past your coarse exterior that you know you have

and beyond thinking you're better than wanting me,

i wish then i wonder should i pour myself out into your tiny glass,

so we can get along just a little bit longer?

foolish me,

you've been frank, just not clear.

and im enjoying myself all the same.

that's my fault and that's also yours.

i am giving you warm honey energy still.

i am giving you good heart and vibration.

i am lacing up for the long ride with you,

and undressing myself for the short.

say you want to know where and when i am coming,

ask me if it hurts when you do.

say you won't push away when i collapse to the side,

and i'll be holding onto you.

tap the nape of my neck when my posture is poor,

hold the seam of my shirt when i'm leaving,

kiss my belly a little before you go under,

so that i'm clinging onto you.

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